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Bowling Clinics

The Bowling Services Academy was founded with the thought behind it, to give extra services to the customers of BSI, and the bowling industry generally in Europe.

Bearing in mind that BSI is the representative of a lot of company’s not only around the Mediterranean but also around the Balkans, the academy will help BSI and consequently Bowling centers to attract more clients and more bowlers. The academy is supplying several services to all built bowling centers as;

Bowling lessons on all levels, Beginners (Basic) – Intermediate  – Advanced levels (International level), BSI constructed a arsenal of helping training materials to make the lessons more fun in the trainings, also we are using a Bowling analyzing system to show and understand the improvements and we make a info C.D. for the bowler to have a reminder from the lessons.

The Bowling lessons are given with a good Basis understanding of the needed technique to start bowling the right way. All the subjects for the good basis technique are taken care of, Stance – 4 steps basic approach technique – basic release (Medium) and the Tactical part for the beginner bowler with a good basic spare system like the 3-6-9 and 2-4-6, also the pin deflection and the right way of understanding the Pocket strike is taken care of.

Also the bowling academy is leading the way to the professional pro shops, were the for all levels the right advice is given and were together with the coaches the right material is chosen and drilled. We the coaches of the Bowling Academy believe that in the confusing world of bowling balls, the line of High reactive and non reactive, symmetric and non symmetric bowling balls, gave to all levels of bowling, the right and high quality material to compete and to train the right and best way.

For the Beginner Bowler;

  • Explanation of the rules of bowling plus the safety procedure.

  •  Help of buying the right shoes and ball for the start ( pro shop)

  • Help the bowlers to make the connection with the centers or leagues, to make them an entiosiastic returning customer for the new centers.

  • Guidance into the lane with the beginning technique with the understanding of all the steps on the approach so that bowling becomes    more fun.

  • A lesson package is offered to this beginning bowler, together with a standard bowling ball and a pair of bowling shoes.

For the Intermediate bowler

A more advanced technique is build in the lessons. A different approach technique is explained and trained, together with a maximum release control and with more available lines to play and the right system to calculate them. More material and different lay outs are being explained and used, also we guide the Intermediate bowlers to the pro shops to have the right material and drilling used for this more advanced techniques.

By the Intermediate bowlers the lessons

  • Material and Pro Shop- Advice and guidance to the pro shop

  • Ball choice and drilling-Layout and explanations what to use and why.

  • Lane conditioning-Recognition of the conditioning and making the adjustment

  • Bowling analyzing system-For Timing control and Pro zone recognition

  • Mental game control-A sport psychologist is a part of the academy team to understand and to build a personal program for  the concentration control, needed to set up a concentration program personally, with short term and long term goal for the intermediate level and competition control in the game under pressure.

The Advanced Bowler

The bowling academy and their coaching team together with the sport psychologist, are giving to the advanced bowlers personal, and federations a number of services.

Guidance for the higher technique development with several short and long term programs individual and in a team set up, personal programs are make for the bowlers witch are playing International tournaments, so that they can prepare themselves the right way technical and also with mental game control.

With the use of the Motion analyzing system, the analyzing of timing and other approach technique performance– Max release control – Angle of entry check etc. for the technical improvements personal.

Lane conditioning recognizing and advanced line adjustment techniques on all kind of conditions and necessary these days on the different sport conditions offered by the European ten pin federation technical committee in the International recognized tournaments all over Europe.

A single – double – trio and team training programs are make for clubs and federations to cover all way of playing in the sport of Bowling. This is special created for the clubs of the centers that play the leagues and tournaments in the centers from our customer’s national and international.

A after service from the coaching team and sport psychologist are offered to the bowlers from the academy to analyze their games and results and a advice will be given for the continuing lessons and changes in Mental or technical control of their game plan.

Extra services given from out of the Bowling Academy;

The Bowling Academy is training and guiding the National teams of Greece and Malta with the youth, men and women teams.

Because of the leading coach in the academy is the senior coach of the European Ten Pin Bowling Federation, clinics are given to starting and intermediate trainers in the countries from Europe.

The Bowling Academy is developing an mental training program for all kind of level of bowling, to fill in the less developed part of the bowling sport generally.

The Bowling Academy is together with the pro shops the understanding for the bowlers to choose the right lay outs and material for all level of bowling.

The planning for the future is, to make the Bowling Academy more known, useful and sufficient and with high quality of trainings and results, and there fore to gave it, in bowling instruction in Europe with the name BSI, a leading role with high standard in bowling education, with a good organization in the customer support for BSI and new and assisting customers. So that the company BSI will be known as it stands for quality of the development from the basis till the highest level in the sport as bowling, with the high quality standards as it have for building new Bowling centers. And there fore will become a important demanding service to Bowling Services International (BSI)

Email us at: rick@mtba.eu


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Koos Groenenberg is national coach of Greece Rick Vogelesang is the national coach of Malta Sue Abela is the assisting national youth coach of Malta